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Thermostat ON or AUTO?

Posted: August 17, 2015

Thermostat Setting – ON versus AUTO

Ever walked into your home and it feels like someone just took a shower? The air is heavy and muggy…

If so, then you know the first thing you do is quickly google the number of your local AC repair company. Of course, your next thought, “Please don’t let this be an major expensive fix”. When your technician arrives he will measures the relative humidity levels inside your home. If levels are elevated, your technician will attempt to assess what might be wrong with your AC system or causing elevated humidity. One of the many components your technician should check is the thermostat.

Who knew the settings on your thermostat can drastically affect the humidity levels in your home? Your AC system has two functions, cooling and dehumidifying. If you have left your thermostat fan setting to ‘ON’, your AC will continuously move air throughout your home, even after the cooling component has shut off. What happens next? You will now have air moving through your home that is not being cooled and dehumidified creating conditions with high humidity levels. We all know that high humidity levels can create less than ideal comfort levels. The air will feel moist and create damp conditions in your home.  

Here’s the fix ~ Setting your thermostat fan position to “AUTO’ allows the fan to push air through your home ONLY when the cooling component is running creating less humid conditions and a more comfortable home. In the ‘ON’ versus “AUTO’ debate,  the ‘AUTO’ setting is the most ideal and recommend for comfort conditions.

If you have any additional questions about thermostat settings, send us an email and we will get back with you with our recommendations, suggestions and tips: [email protected].   


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