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Deltatech Construction specializes in renovations, additions, and new construction. CONTACT: Sandra Tomasseti

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Ideal Appliance Parts

Ideal Appliance Parts, Inc. began more than 50 years ago and now is proudly known as one of the oldest and most successful parts and appliance distributors in the southeastern United States.

(504) 888-4232

Beau’s AC and Heating

Since 2001, Beau’s AC & Heating is been committed to total customer satisfaction providing the Northshore with cooling, heating, & indoor air quality needs. Repair & maintenance, dehumidification, geothermal heating/cooling. CONTACT: Toni Beau

(985) 641-3963

Brister-Stephens, Inc

Brister Stephens is a qualified HVAC contractor who has been servicing greater New Orleans and it’s surrounding communities for over 45 years. CONTACT: Kenny Stephens

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Berner A/C & Heat

Heating and Cooling design and installation for existing and new homes and commercial buildings. CONTACT: Tom Berner

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Waguespack Home Services

Providing the best handyman services in St. Tammany Parish and care for your home like it is our own. With years of experience in many home improvement areas, our mission is to help you maintain the value of your home while bringing your ideas to life.


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Clesi Foundations

Professional foundation repair and Helical Piers in the New Orleans region. With more than 40 years of experience elevating homes and shoring industrial foundations such as universities, hospitals and museums. CONTACT: Gerald Clesi

(504) 236-9910

Insulation for Walls & Attic

Posted: September 5, 2015

Open Cell Spray-In Foam Insulation 

By: Paul LaGrange, LaGrange Consulting

The best insulation to use for hot humid climates is open cell spray-in foam insulation. This foam seals all air leaks and insulates very well in the walls and at the roofline. Unlike other insulations, it is an air barrier, so air infiltration is greatly reduced when using spray foam insulation. Creating an un-vented attic, using foam insulation at the roof rafters instead of the ceiling joists, will offer the most energy benefits. By using open cell spray-in foam insulation, the attic is turned into conditioned space, part of the building’s thermal envelope. When this happens, the HVAC system no longer has to compete with the extreme temperatures found in vented attics, because most un-vented attics remain within 10 degrees of the home’s living space temperature. This allows you to downsize your HVAC equipment, saving money on the front end (by buying smaller equipment) and saving money every time the machine runs (because it is a smaller unit, using less energy). While spray foam insulation costs more than other insulations, its performance far surpasses that of any other insulation.

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