What is Paul’s House?

Paul’s House is a free resource that allows you to find and connect with legitimate professionals who work and supply materials in your local area. Making good decisions about your home means finding the right professionals, and Paul’s House is here to facilitate that. When you need something fixed or are building a home or improving the one you already have, using Paul’s House as your “go-to” for contractors and suppliers is as easy as clicking your computer mouse. It makes getting things done so much easier! Not only does Paul’s House help homeowners, but it helps competent professionals grow their online presence and business through a variety of analytics, services, and jobs.

Why does Paul’s House exist?

While Paul LaGrange has a wealth of knowledge about building homes and repairing them, he has not yet mastered the art of being everywhere at all times. He would like to be available all the time for everyone who needs advice on who to call to fix a leaky faucet (just for an example), but he still needs to eat and sleep and enjoy his family. However, he can offer his rich resource of contacts up to the public as a way to meet the same need through Paul’s House. Feel free to peruse the list of professionals in and around your area who are ready and willing to do some great work at your job site. 

How does Paul’s House work?

See our “How it Works” page.

Why should I use Paul’s House professionals?

Just because your brother’s wife’s cousin’s sister said that their neighbor knows ac’s, has the right tools and did a great job does not mean that their “ducts” are all in a row. Calling a professional who really knows what they are doing can save you countless dollars and time down the road. Paul’s House vets its contractors to make certain they are a legitimate business. In the future, the contractors will be rated by performance. Check back often for upgrades being done frequently to Paul’s House and its list of contractors.

How do I know the professionals are legitimate?

Paul’s House vets its professionals to make certain they are a legitimate business. However, please be diligent in asking for insurance certificates, local references for jobs done a short time ago and also a long time ago. This will help to avoid hiring someone who may make a great impression at first, but a couple of years down the road, the jobs they have done tell a different tale.

Should I ask for references from previous jobs?

Absolutely! Ask each professional for a list of local jobs that they have completed within the last year (name and contact information for the customer) as well as the same information for a couple jobs that have been done about 5 to 7 years ago. Ask the customers how the work has held up and if the professional was willing to come back if there was something that was “not quite right.”  Search the Better Business Bureau, State Licensing, Home Buildings Association, and Chamber of Commerce website for any unresolved issues that might concern you. 

A professional I hired did not do a satisfactory job. What are my options?

If you had a bad experience with a professional on Paul’s house, we encourage you to share your feedback with us and contact us with dates, details and name of the contractor you had an issue with. Please contact us via email so that we may have the description of the situation in writing. 

Does Paul LaGrange endorse all professionals on Paul’s House?

Paul LaGrange does not endorse specific professionals on Paul’s House. We provide all of the potential options and let homeowners make the decision on who is right for them based on the information that is available. However, in the future, we hope to offer rankings of the professionals based on reviews and experience in working with these contractors.

I had a bad experience with a professional on Paul’s House. Will Paul’s House reimburse me?

Paul’s House does not guarantee the work and/or materials of professionals on our network. Paul’s House is an open network that organizes information so that it is accessible to homeowners. If you have a bad experience, we encourage you to share your feedback with us by contacting us here.

How can I make sure that the professional I am hiring is a licensed professional?

Paul’s House initially verifies all professionals and their ability to provide insurance information. However, sometimes things change and it is your responsibility to verify, at the time of work being done, that the contractor is still licensed and insured. We suggest using the state government website as a start. Paul’s House does not undertake to conduct background checks on, or otherwise verify, professionals, nor does it confirm or guarantee that any professional on Paul’s House is appropriately licensed, bonded or insured.

Can Paul’s House help me resolve my dispute with a professional?

Disputes are handled between a professional and the homeowner. Also, if you have a conflict with a professional on Paul’s House, we encourage you to share your feedback and tell your story through our contact page.  We believe it is important that you share your experience so that we can learn from it.

Can Paul’s House give me legal counsel?

Paul’s House does not offer legal counsel. If you require legal counsel, you should consult with an attorney. In addition, Paul’s House does not insure against losses from work contracted through professionals on the site, mediate disputes between customers and professionals, or guarantee or vet the work or qualifications of professionals on Paul’s House. Paul’s House also does not provide legal advice with respect to contracts between customers and professionals.

Will Paul’s House pay for any damages to my home by a home professional?

Paul’s House is not responsible, and will not pay, for any damage by a professional that may occur to you, your home or any other person or property. If you had a bad experience with a Paul’s House professional, we encourage you to share your feedback with us.  

How does Paul’s House choose which pros to include on the website?
  • Paul performs forensic investigations and inspections all over the Gulf South and personally sees lots of professional’s work and supplier’s merchandise and has developed relationships with these professionals over the years.  Paul’s House list of professionals and suppliers began with those contacts.

  • While we try to confirm that Professionals meet certain requirements, we cannot and do not represent or warrant that any Professional is licensed, qualified, bonded, insured or capable of performing any service. Reference to any products, services or other information by trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise does not constitute or imply an endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by us.

  • Other professionals have submitted requests to join the list and they have been added to the site after determining if they are a legitimate company.  Paul’s House reserves the right to pick and choose the participants on the list.

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