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In 2005, Hurricane Katrina and Rita ravaged the Gulf Coast Region and many people who had previously never picked up a hammer and nail were forced to become their own contractors. In Early 2006, Paul LaGrange, a highly knowledgeable construction consultant and retired contractor agreed to participate in a WWL weekend radio show where people could call into the radio and ask questions about how to hire a subcontractor and how to go about rebuilding their homes. 

For the past eight years, Paul has been answering construction questions and fielding calls from people (both on the radio and in his office) about whom to hire to build, to rebuild, to repair, or to improve a home. While he enjoyed speaking with individuals about their homes, he wondered how he could service such a vast population of people in a more efficient manner. With this thought, the birth of Paul’s House came about. It is a website where individuals can come to find that perfect professional contractor and supplier for their needs – a company that is legitimate and services homes in their particular area. While Paul is still happy to answer your questions, he is not always available to answer the question, “Who should I call?”….but Paul’s House is. So come on in….Welcome to Paul’s House!

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